Petition to Re-hold a Second Voting in Sydney

SYDNEY, PINUS PRESS - On 13 April 2019, Indonesians who are 17 years old and above or married are eligible to vote in Sydney, as long as they are registered as DPTLN (Officially registered as a voter outside Indonesia). They have prepared several TPS (Voting location), including KJRI Sydney, Sydney Town Hall, Marrickville Community Center, Yagoona Community, Good Luck Plaza, Sherwood State School-Brisbane, and lastly Adelaide State Library. The voting was from 8am to 6pm.

In the beginning, the voting process ran smoothly. Approximately 25000 voters used their right to vote for the upcoming president and vice president as well the legislative leaders of the country.

The problem happened in Sydney Town Hall, whereby the organizer did not expect a high number of non-DPTLN people who came to vote. Non-DPTLN are those who registered late or missed the deadline for the registration of voting in another country. Initially, the people who are categorized in this group can only come and vote starting 5pm until closing. Little did they know that most of the people who were in this category decided to come to the voting area in Sydney Town Hall, creating an overcrowding of people and there were not enough organizers to handle them.

As the result, until the voting area has closed, there was still an average of 400 Indonesians who were queueing. After a discussion between the committee, Panwaslu (Panitia Pengawas Pemilu) decided to stop the voting process due to the time restriction because they only rented the place until 8pm. These 400 people were then unable to vote.

Currently, a petition has been made to conduct a second voting catered to those who were not able to vote. As the time of writing this article, there were already 3200 Indonesians who signed this petition. However, as of now, Panwaslu has not given any confirmation regarding a second voting.

Written by: Dionisius Radita