Perforated Election Ballots Found in Malaysia

JAKARTA, PINUSPRESS - Panwaslu (Election Supervisory Committee) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia received a complaint corresponding to the discovery of presidential election ballots that have been perforated.  The chairman of KPU Kuala Lumpur, Yaza Azzahara Ulyana, received the complaint from Parlaungan, a volunteer of the winning board for PADI (Prabowo-Sandi) in Malaysia, on Thursday (11/4) via Whatsapp. Measures of the smuggle were suspected.

After Yaza received the complaint, he went to a store located in Taman Universiti Sungai Tangkas Bangi 43000 Kajang, Selangor with a member of Panwaslu, Rizki Israeni Nur to investigate the findings further. The location was filled with election ballots kept in 20 bags, 10 plastic bags, and five white gunny sacks stamped with Malaysian post office.

“In accordance to some samples of the election ballots that were opened in the location, all presidential election ballots have been perforated for presidential candidate number 1 (Jokowi-Amin), while some legislative election ballots have been perforated for a legislative candidate number 3 from Nasdem, who is running for position in DPR (the representative council in Indonesia).

A total of six Malaysian policemen arrived at the location after the discovery to investigate the witnesses and to secure the location. They recommended the Indonesian Embassy to secure the election ballots.

After a while, they received another update from volunteers of the winning board for PADI regarding another location where perforated election ballots were also found. The second location was a house in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, which was situated 15 minutes away from the first location. Yaza came to the location to discover 158 sacks with around 220 ballots in each. The ballots were perforated for presidential candidate number 1 and legislative candidate number 2 (electoral district Jakarta II) from  Nasdem. Some ballots found were perforated for legislative candidate number 3 from Demokrat. According to Yaza, a total of around 40000-50000 perforated ballots were found in both locations.

KPU (General Election Commissions) contacted Panwaslu in Malaysia for clarification. The same measure was also done by Bawaslu (Election Supervisory Board). They intended to check and clarify the authenticity of the perforated ballots. After further investigation, the originality of the perforated ballots is confirmed by Panwaslu Kuala Lumpur.

In response to the findings, the secretary of TKN (National Campaign Team) for Jokowi-Amin, Hasto Kristiyanto, said that TKN had delegated its member to check the said discovery. Hasto said that he also send some members of PDI to escort the checking.

Written by: Nathanael Septianto