KPK Conducted Arrest Operation on a Member of DPR for Rp8 Billion Bribery Case

JAKARTA, PINUSPRESS - KPK (Corruption Eradication Commision) arrested Bowo Sidik Pangarso, a member of DPR (the representative council of Indonesia) on Thursday (28/3). During the arrest, KPK also managed to secure funds which are robustly suspected to be allocated for the purpose of bribing people to vote for him in the upcoming legislative election. The funds worth Rp8 billion are kept in 400 thousand envelopes as Rp20000 and Rp50000 notes, packed in 82 cardboards and two plastic containers inside a safe. The funds are to be distributed in Electoral District Central Java II (Demak, Kudus and Jepara). Each person will be given Rp20000, while those with higher position will be given Rp50000.

According to Vice Chairman of KPK, Basaria Panjaitan, the envelopes with the funds are to be given to 400 thousand, though to win a chair in the electoral district only 120 thousand votes are needed. The reason being precaution purposes because they cannot guarantee those who are given the money to elect him in the legislative election.

As the result of the discovery of the evidences, Bowo was sacked from his position as the chairperson of the winning board for Electoral District Central Java I in the Central Board of Golongan Karya.

On this bribery case, Golongan Karya had no clue about the Rp8 billion funds. "Golongan Karya had never commanded anyone to use methods that are prohibited according to the provisions of the law, including bribery,” said the Chairman of the Central Board of Golongan Karya Ace Hasan Syadzily.

The funds are obtained from a deal with PT Humpuss Transportasi Kimia (HTK) as a prerequisite for Bowo to help them as a supplier of fertilizer transport vessels. At first, KPK caught Indung, Bowo’s right-hand man, for receiving funds for Bowo worth Rp89.4 million from Asty Winasti, Marketing Manager of PT HTK.

After conducting further investigation from the first arrest operation, KPK managed to secure the Rp8 billion funds mentioned earlier in a location in Jakarta and the fact that Bowo had received funds from the company for at least 7 times. One was the one caught in the arrest operation, while the rest are done in various locations, worth Rp221 million and US$85130.

KPK had set Bowo and Indung as suspects in the bribery case, while Asty was set as the briber suspect.

Written by: Nathanael Septianto