KPK seized money from Minister of Religious Affairs

JAKARTA, PINUS PRESS - Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) seized 180 million Rupiah and 30,000 US dollars from Indonesian Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim this Monday 18 March 2019 during an inspection of his office. KPK spokesperson Febri Diansyah stated that the money was found inside his desk drawer.

Febri stated that KPK is conducting an investigation related to a bribery case involving two ministry officials in East Java and United Development Party (PPP) head and DPR member Romahurmuziy. Febri said that the money and other documents from the Minster’s office were seized as part of the investigation. Romahurmuziy, commonly called Romy, is suspected of receiving a total of 300 million Rupiah from two minister officials, Haris Hasanuddin and Muafaq Wirahadi, in East Java to help them pass a selection for a position in East Java’s Ministry of Religious Affairs.

While the incident has raised allegations of Lukman’s involvement, Febri said that such allegations should be dismissed. “We should not come to conclusions solely based on the raid and seizure. Investigators will seize money, documents, or other electronic evidences if they see them as important piece of evidences in a case.” Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla also stated this Tuesday that it is normal that such amount of money is present in a Minister’s desk, as part of operational budget.

Written by: Peter Sidajaya