Suspected Terrorist Arrested by Special Detachment 88 in Klaten

KLATEN, PINUSPRESS - Special Detachment 88 (Densus 88), the special force to counter terrorism under Indonesian National Police, managed to arrest suspected terrorist of initial Y, 35. The special force caught her in Jogon, Jogonalan, Klaten, Indonesia on Thursday (14/3) afternoon. The news has been confirmed by AKBP Aries Andhi, the chief of Klaten Police Department. “We were told by Densus 88 to back them up in the arrest,” he said.

The arrest happened in a house that she has been living in for the past 10 days. There was no evidence to be secured during the inspection. After the arrest, Y was brought to the headquarter of Klaten Police Department for temporary interrogation. “Then, Y was brought to Jakarta for further interrogation,” said Aries.

During the arrest, she shown no notable resistance whatsoever. Some policewomen were involved for full body inspection. However, no significant evidence was found.

Regarding which terrorist network she is involved in, Aries said that she does not have any clue. Klaten Police Department is not responsible to handle this case since the case is entirely handled by Densus 88.

According to a source, he said that Y works in a shoe making factory in Jakarta, but he chose not to mention the detail about her workplace.

From the arrest, he hopes for raise in awareness on this matter within the Indonesian society. “Report any suspicious behaviors immediately to whom it may concern to prevent undesirable things,” said Aries.

Written by: Nathanael Septianto