Indonesian Celebrities Arrested for Suspected Prostitution

SURABAYA, PINUSPRESS - Indonesian online prostitution was uncovered, leading to a number of actresses being suspected for their involvement.

Indonesian actress Vanessa Angel was caught red-handed in while having a sexual intercourse with a client in a hotel in Surabaya. In another room was Avriella Shaqqila, a local model was also caught for alleged involvement.

The duo, alongside a manager and two woman procurers brought to Mapolda Jatim (Eastern Java Police Headquarters) for questioning.

The identity of the two procurers are Endang Suhartini a.k.a Siska (37) and Tantri (28). According to them, the actresses and instagram celebrities volunteered themselves and asked for clients.

“We didn’t recruit them. They are the one who reached out to us. Some are supplied by their own agencies,” told Tantri. “It’s not like we forced them. We are just the middlemen,” continued Siska.

In Indonesian law, the procurers are the one who effectively commit a crime and will receive the related sentences. The prostitutes are considered as victims. Siska and Tantri do not seem accept this, saying that they are just helping out others who wanted. The two asked that the actresses and celebrities involved are also sentenced.

Besides Vanessa Angel, the report states that 45 actresses and 100 models are also involved in the prostitution.

Maulia Lestari, Miss Indonesia 2016 finalist; Baby Shu, model; Fatya Ginanjarsari; Miss Indonesia 2017 finalist; Riri Febianti, actress; Aldiena Cena, instagram celebrity and model; and Tiara Permatasari, actress; are some of the names that are suspected for involvement in the prostitution network. The six women are now being called for investigation by the authorities.

The charge for using the celebrity online prostitution are considerably high, one that can go as high as Rp 80,000,000 (SGD8000) per date.

Written by: Willy Gunardi