Increasing Activity of Mount Agung in Recent Weeks

BALI, PINUSPRESS – Mount Agung has been famous for its short intervals of dormancy. It is considered as one of the most active volcanic mountains in Indonesia. Since the end of July 2017, the volcanic activity of Mount Agung has given a sign of erupting, with frequent volcanic earthquakes happening around the area and smoke coming out of the mountain.

The first eruption happened in November 2017, and since then, the volcanic mountain has not given a sign of dormancy as it keeps mouthing smokes and small-scale earthquakes. Another eruption happened in July 2018, as well as December 2018.

Mount Agung is starting its 2019 with very recent eruptions. The first one happened on 10 January 2019. This eruption was considered quite long as it was clocked for around 4 minutes and 30 seconds, resulting in a huge ash spread around the area that might potentially cause damages to the civilians around the area. The second eruption happened on 19 January 2019 with the similar timings and consequences to the civilians as well.

Lastly, the most recent eruption was noted on 22 January 2019 at around 03.42 local time. This eruption was considered short as it only lasted for 2 minutes. However, the volcanic smoke reached 2000 meters above the crater and this might potentially spread to the western part of the mountain. Currently, due to this activity, Mount Agung has been alarmed with minor eruption that would be incoming in recent days or weeks.

Even though the status is not safe, visitors are still allowed to take a visit to the area as long as it is beyond the boundary of 4km radius from the mountain.

Writer: Dionisius Radita Devara Putra