Week 4

PINUS is starting a new pilot initiative by more closely partnering our Indo religious communities (e.g. Christianity, Catholicism, etc.). From this week, we would begin giving short announcements from those communities. PINUS members who are keen to understand better the faiths of their fellow PINUS-ians, can join any of the below-mentioned sessions. =) This is the start of a long-term initiative that is aimed at creating a PINUS community that is more understanding and tolerant of members from the various faiths.

1. NUS ISCF Cell Group (Wk 5 & 6)

Tues, Thurs and Fri 7-9pm

Cell group is a small group discussion consisting of up to 15 people where we study the Bible together. If you are interested to join, please contact Samuel at +6591366279


[A Community that Goes Forth]

Campus mass on Thursday @ LT28 jm 630 + Antioch (fellowship + talk) from 8-930

CP: Francis (+6590388536)

Upcoming Events:


Date: Saturday, 2 March 2019

Venue: Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building Level 3

Show times: Matinee 3PM / Night 7:30 PM

For ticket purchases, contact the following:

Alicia: 86497310 (Whatsapp) - @aliciajsantoso (Telegram)

Vincent: 86502702 (Whatsapp) - @vecee (Telegram)


The universe is everything - at least that is what the naturalist would argue for. But, how did it all begin? How did we go from nothing to this magnificent universe; from the tiniest particles to the largest galaxies to the very existence of space-time and life? The quest to know how everything began raises a very important question: ‘What better explains the ‘origin’ of life: Naturalistic, or Theistic explanations? Join us as we explore this question in ‘Science and Faith in Conversation’

Speaker: Jose Philip
Venue: LT 31, S16 Science
Date/Time: 20 Feb 2019
Contact Person: Awan 82122296 Christian 98966332