KPK seized money from Minister of Religious Affairs

JAKARTA, PINUS PRESS - Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) seized 180 million Rupiah and 30,000 US dollars from Indonesian Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim this Monday 18 March 2019 during an inspection of his office. KPK spokesperson Febri Diansyah stated that the money was found inside his desk drawer.

Febri stated that KPK is conducting an investigation related to a bribery case involving two ministry officials in East Java and United Development Party (PPP) head and DPR member Romahurmuziy. Febri said that the money and other documents from the Minster’s office were seized as part of the investigation. Romahurmuziy, commonly called Romy, is suspected of receiving a total of 300 million Rupiah from two minister officials, Haris Hasanuddin and Muafaq Wirahadi, in East Java to help them pass a selection for a position in East Java’s Ministry of Religious Affairs.

While the incident has raised allegations of Lukman’s involvement, Febri said that such allegations should be dismissed. “We should not come to conclusions solely based on the raid and seizure. Investigators will seize money, documents, or other electronic evidences if they see them as important piece of evidences in a case.” Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla also stated this Tuesday that it is normal that such amount of money is present in a Minister’s desk, as part of operational budget.

Written by: Peter Sidajaya

Suspected Terrorist Arrested by Special Detachment 88 in Klaten

KLATEN, PINUSPRESS - Special Detachment 88 (Densus 88), the special force to counter terrorism under Indonesian National Police, managed to arrest suspected terrorist of initial Y, 35. The special force caught her in Jogon, Jogonalan, Klaten, Indonesia on Thursday (14/3) afternoon. The news has been confirmed by AKBP Aries Andhi, the chief of Klaten Police Department. “We were told by Densus 88 to back them up in the arrest,” he said.

The arrest happened in a house that she has been living in for the past 10 days. There was no evidence to be secured during the inspection. After the arrest, Y was brought to the headquarter of Klaten Police Department for temporary interrogation. “Then, Y was brought to Jakarta for further interrogation,” said Aries.

During the arrest, she shown no notable resistance whatsoever. Some policewomen were involved for full body inspection. However, no significant evidence was found.

Regarding which terrorist network she is involved in, Aries said that she does not have any clue. Klaten Police Department is not responsible to handle this case since the case is entirely handled by Densus 88.

According to a source, he said that Y works in a shoe making factory in Jakarta, but he chose not to mention the detail about her workplace.

From the arrest, he hopes for raise in awareness on this matter within the Indonesian society. “Report any suspicious behaviors immediately to whom it may concern to prevent undesirable things,” said Aries.

Written by: Nathanael Septianto

Indonesian Woman Accused for Kim Jong Nam's Murder Released

Malaysia, PINUS Press - Siti Aisyah, an Indonesian woman accused for killing North Korea’s supreme leader’s half-brother Kim Jong Nam, was freed this Monday (Mar 11).

Siti, alongside a Vietnamese woman Doan Thi Huong was accused for smearing a toxic VX nerve agent on Kim Jong Nam’s face in Kuala Lumpur Airport in 2017. Nam died on the way to the hospital.  North Korea denied any involvement in the murder, although four men - believed to be North Korean have fled Malaysia on the day of murder.

Siti and Doan testified that they were manipulated by a ‘Japanese or Korean man’ who paid them RM400 or around SGD 120 if they throw liquid on Nam’s face. They assumed that it was part of a television prank.

The news of Siti’s released from Kuala Lumpur was confirmed by Ministry of External Affairs Retno Matsudi.

“Indonesian Ministry of External Affairs’ issued a request to Malaysian General Attorney to use their authority based on Article 254 of Malaysian Criminal Law to  not continue the charges against Siti Aisyah”, told the General Director of Law and Administration of Ministry of Human Rights Cahyo Rahadian Muzhar in a formal report.

The diplomatic effort - according to Cahyo, was under the direction of President Jokowi Dodo in collaboration with Ministry of Human Rights, Ministry of External Affairs, Head of Police, Attorney General, and National Intelligence.

However, the future seems bleak for Doan Thai Huong’s future, who still stands accused for the murder despite Siti’s release.

Huong’s father, Doan Van Thanh expressed disappointment and called for his daughter’s release as well.

Written by: Willy Gunardi

New Record! Dilan 1991 beats Avengers: Infinity War in terms of income!

JAKARTA, PINUSPRESS - Dilan 1991, one of the most anticipated Indonesian movie in 2019 finally hit the theatre on 28 February 2019. Surprisingly, the romance movie broke the national record with the highest number of audience in one day. 800000 audience went to watch the movie and this number is the new record for the most number of audience in one day for a newly released movie in Indonesia.

Moreover, not only breaking national record, the total income earned by the production team of Dilan 1991 reached a whopping Rp. 25 trillion in 3 days, beating the most anticipated movie in 2018, Avengers: Infinity War which earned Rp. 23 trillion in 5 days.

“For me this is something unpredictable. I am sure that this movie is better than the prequel but I have no expectations of reaching this number. I guess from this experience, we can say that Indonesian movies’ quality has increased because a lot of international media are looking at us now” said by Ody Mulya Hidayat, the producer of Dilan 1991.

Dilan 1991 is the sequel of the movie Dilan 1990 which was release in January 2018. It is starred by Iqbal Ramadhan and Vanessa Priscilla. The story revolves around romantic relationship of a girl with a guy who is the leader of a motorcycle gang who loves to fight with others. It is an adaptation from a novel by Pidi Baiq.

“I hope Dilan 1991 will beat Warkop DKI as the movie with the highest number of national audience, which currently stands at 6.8 million” continued by Ody Mulya Hidayat.

Written by: Dionisius Radita

Survey shows Jokowi leading in election day lead-up

JAKARTA, PINUS PRESS - As the Indonesian Presidential Election looms closer, pollster put the incumbent President Jokowi-Ma’ruf pair ahead of Prabowo-Sandiaga in electability. Since August 2018, polls have consistently placed Jokowi’s electability at around 53 to 60 percent, while Prabowo stalled at around mid-30 percent.

The latest poll, made by Australian market research company Roy Morgan on Friday, 1 March 2019 placed Jokowi’s electability at 58 percent with Prabowo at 42 percent. Roy Morgan chief executive officer Michele Levine attributed Jokowi’s lead over Prabowo to improvement in Indonesian’s economy over the last five years. Levine added that Jokowi was particularly strong at rural areas in North Sumatra, Central Java, East Java, and Bali.

Other polls also indicate that Jokowi-Ma’ruf pair is also making progress on Prabowo strongholds, such as Banten and West Java. Charta Politika executive director Yunarto Wijaya said that Jokowi’s choice of Ma’ruf as running mate greatly improved his position in countering the perception is “anti-Islam” in these two traditionally conservative provinces.

However, both sides were careful in reacting with the polls. Jokowi’s campaign spokesperson Raja Juli Antoni said the campaign was happy but they would not be complacent in the lead-up to the election day. Meanwhile, Prabowo’s campaign spokesperson Suhud Aliyudin questioned the survey’s accuracy and said that their internal survey shows that Jokowi’s electability is trending downward while Prabowo’s is trending upward.

Written by: Peter Sidajaya

Early Warnings from BMKG on High Tides in Some Regions in Indonesia

JAKARTA, PINUS PRESS - The Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) has given early admonitions of the occurrence of high tides in some regions in Indonesia. Having been published in the agency’s official website (, the warning is accurate as of Thursday (28/2) until Sunday (3/3).

BMKG stated that one cause of the high tides is typhoon WUTIP with pressure as big as 925 hPa packing winds of 185 kilometers per hour near the center which struck the eastern coasts of the Philippines as tropical storm. The typhoon entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) on Thursday (28/2), as its center was already 1,970 kilometres east of Central Luzon on Tuesday (26/2).

Wind patterns in the northern part of Indonesia generally flow towards north east at around 4 to 20 knots. Meanwhile, in Southern Indonesia, wind patterns generally from northeast to southeast with approximately the same range of speed.

The highest wind speed observed was in the waters of Northern Sangihe-Talaud Islands and Northern Halmahera, resulting high tides, up to four meters high, followed by potential heavy rainstorm and thunder strike in the respective regions.

Some regions are having the potential of high tides of 1.25 to 2.5 meters high, namely Northern Malacca Strait, the waters of Northern Sabang, the waters of Sabang-Banda Aceh, the waters of western Aceh, to the Mentawai Islands, the waters of Bengkulu, all the way to Lampung and the Indian Ocean waters of Western Sumatra.

Other regions impacted by such high tides include the waters stretching from Southern Java to East Nusa Tenggara, the waters of Northern and Southern Sulawesi, Makassar Strait, the waters of Northern Borneo, Maluku Sea, Halmahera sea, the waters of Northern Sorong-Raja Ampat and the Western part of Cendrawasih Gulf.

BMKG advised the public, especially residents of coastal areas, are to be cautious of the extreme condition and keep in track of further weather updates within the next following days.

Written by: Nathanael Septianto

Lion Air Clarifies after Problematic Flight

Sorong, PINUS PRESS - Lion Air denied rumors involving the problematic flight JT-799 from Domine Eduard Osok Airport at Sorong, Western Papua to Sam Ratulangi Airport at Manado, North Sulawesi on Thursday (21/2).

Flight JT-799 which operated on Boeing 737-900ER with registration number PK-LJF, returned to the originating airport shortly after flight. This happened despite the fact that plane has gone through pre-flight check and has been deemed safe to flight.

Corporate Communications Strategic of Lion Air, Danang Mandala Prihantoro explained that it was the pilot’s decision to return.

During the flight, oxygen masks dropped out from the upper compartment,  which indicated technical problems at the pressurization system and air condition. A passenger recorded a video of the episode and it circulated around social media.

Allegations were made that JT-799 flew on a slanted direction and were planning to land on water. Danang denied this rumor, and stating that the plane had to rotate above the water, making a holding point to lower the its elevation and adjust its weight.

“The plane made a perfect landing in Sorong at 16.55 Eastern Indonesia Time and not in emergency situation.” affirmed Danang.  Lion Air flew the JT-799 flight again the following day using a different plane Boeing 737-900ER with registration number PK-LJZ (22/2) and safely landed in Manado at 16.35 Middle Indonesia Time.

“Lion Air apologizes for any discomfort that occured. Lion Air is committed in fulfilling and executing all the rules and regulations set in order to maintain safety, comfort, and satisfaction of our passenger” told Danang.

This incident is not the first flight problem that Lion Air experienced this month. Just one week earlier, Lion Air JT-714 slipped at the runway of Supadio International Airport in Pontianak (Saturday, 16 February).

Written by: Willy Gunardi

Explosion at Taman Anggrek Mall

JAKARTA, PINUSPRESS - An explosion occurred at Taman Anggrek Mall in West Jakarta on Wednesday, 20th February 2019. Jakarta Police spokesman Argo Yuwono said in a written statement that the explosion that damaged the food court on the fourth floor of the Taman Anggrek Mall was caused by a gas pipe leak.

The explosion occurred at 10:20 a.m. local time at the food court of the mall, located on the fourth floor. Witnesses said that a hissing sound is heard before the explosion. The explosion was immediately investigated by the Jakarta Police’s bomb squad, which confirmed that the cause of the explosion was a gas leak.

Seven people, many of them workers at the food court, wERE injured in the incident, along with 40 food counters. Two of the injured were already discharged from hospital. Police are currently investigating five witnesses from engineering to security, said Argo Yuwono on Thursday.

Written by: Peter Sidajaya

Second Presidential Debate 2019

JAKARTA, PINUSPRESS - The second presidential debate was underway at 8 PM Indonesia Western Local Time, on 17 February 2019. Unlike the first debate where the main theme was Human Rights, this debate mainly focused on the provision of Energy, Food, Natural Resources, Environment, and Infrastructure. Another difference of this debate compared to the previous one is that there were no guiding questions provided beforehand, so all the answers given by the two candidates are purely spontaneous.

The debate itself were separated into several segments, from discussions of specific issue, to throwing each other questions and stating their vision and mission. The first segments of the debate was describing both candidates' respective visions and missions. Candidate number 1’s vision is to develop Indonesia where candidate number 2’s vision is to be able to be independent on the provision of resources.

The following segments are basically discussions and debates about the topics revolving around the theme. Some of the important key points are:

  • Candidate number 1 promises that they will continue to pursue infrastructure construction to achieve ultimate connectivism. However, candidate number 2 argued that it is not feasible and every goal needs to undergo a feasibility test before being executed.

  • Candidate number 2 promises that they will involve every stakeholders including the civilians who are affected when they want to build infrastructure, and they claimed that currently this is not achieved. Candidate number 1 commented that in their service of 4.5 years, there has been no conflict in terms of land leasing, because everyone is benefited.

  • Candidate number 1 promises to prepare to develop their human resource to prepare them for industrial revolution 4.0. Candidate number 2 argued that currently we are unable to defend our own farmers and giving them affordable price for good standard of living.

  • Candidate number 1 and 2 both agreed that self-provision of energy is crucial, and not to rely on imports.

  • Candidate number 1 argues that the import values have been decreasing in terms of food and crops, and candidate number 2 argues that there is no need to import because we have an oversupply of food and crops.

  • Candidate number 1 and 2 both agree to support the development of start-ups, but candidate 2 argues that we need to be careful to not disrupt the currency exchange of rupiah and Indonesia’s economic development.

To end the debate, both candidates present their closing statements. Hopefully, through this debate, Indonesians can see the candidates from a different point of view and will help Indonesia to go to the right direction.

Writer: Dionisius Radita

Indonesian Presidential Candidates are to Contend in the Second Round of the Presidential Debate

JAKARTA, PINUSPRESS - Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto are going to contend in the second round of the Presidential Election Debate on Sunday (17/2/2019). The debate in which the two presidential candidates will fight for the sympathy of the citizens of Indonesia for the upcoming Presidential Election in Hotel Sultan, Senayan, Jakarta. In contrary to the first round of the debate, the second round of the debate will exclude the two vice-presidential candidates, Ma’ruf Amin and Sandiaga Uno.

The second round of the debate will test both of the presidential candidates regarding issues of energy, food, natural resources and the environment.

Other than the exclusion of the vice-presidential candidates, there are also technical differences in the second round of the debate. The General Election Commission of Indonesia will introduce an ‘exploratory’ debate mechanism in the fourth segment of the debate. “As approved, the first, second and third segments will be similar to those of the first round, with questions read by the moderator. However, the fourth segment will be a ‘free’ debate, which will not be limited to one or two minutes,” said Arief Budiman, the Chairman of the General Election Commission.

The ‘exploratory’ debate segment starts with a 30-seconds long video about one of the four themes, which will be randomly chosen. After that, the two presidential candidates are to respond to the video and ask questions to one another within the time limit set by the moderator. In this mechanism, the moderator will be responsible to keep the dominance of one party off. The ‘exploratory’ debate segment will be followed by the fifth segment, in which each candidate can ask questions to the other candidate, and the sixth segment, which is the concluding segment of the debate.

The other technical difference in this round being the absence of question grids unlike the first round. The decision was made to make sure authentic performance of both candidates in the debate.

The General Election Commission had ensured the secrecy of the debate questions which are to be asked in the second round of the debate.

Written by: Nathanael Septianto